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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"Sean was great. It was our first time selling a home and he guided us through the entire process wonderfully. The next time we need a realtor we’re definitely calling Sean!"

"Jody gave us incredible attention and care. He was 100% committed to making our home transition happen in the best possible way!"

"Mike and his team rocks! this was a tough property to sell, but we got it done at a reasonable price."

"Robbie and I just closed on our third transaction together, and he continues to impress me at every turn. He has an uncanny ability to anticipate problems before they arise and head them off at the pass, saving his clients money and frustration. Robbie is knowledgeable, professional, and diligent. I felt completely at ease knowing that he was in my corner, as he has proven again and again that he can handle any situation. I cannot say enough good things about Robbie!"

"Lorraine is that rare person willing to go the extra mile when it means helping a client--even if that mile turns into ten miles, or more. She listened attentively to our requirements for a new house, both the geographic part and the features part, and brought us only the very best available  properties that met those requirements. She also provided cogent advice about current home values, and guided us through a protracted negotiation over price. As someone unfamiliar with local real estate law, we depended on her to explain the law's peculiarities and how we might use these to our own advantage. Even after our final offer was accepted and the property was in escrow, she continued to visit the home to provide access to plumbers, electricians, and other maintenance people so they could work on the house before we took possession. All that aside, she is a lovely person, warm and caring, who made us feel that we were in very good hands during our expedition through the dangerous waters of Buying A House. I heartily recommend her to anyone interested in selling or buying a home in Western North Carolina."

"Thank you for the call and explanation on how to find the property and rough idea of the boundaries! Clients liked the area, but not the shared driveway. They put it on their top 5 for properties we've shown them. You're the only agent in the past 6 months who has stated they walked the land they were listing and could tell me about their lot/land."

~ Chris Butler
   Keller Williams Professionals

"Gretchen was awesome. Thank you so much for your help purchasing our new home! We love it, and the process was easy compared to what I was expecting. You were endlessly helpful and walked us through the process in a clear, concise way. Thanks for putting in so much time and effort with us! You're the best!" ~ Caroline

"We worked with both Jessica and Aviva while searching for our first home. We couldn’t be happier, thanks to their dedication in finding us our perfect home!" ~ Melanie M.

"We loved working with Sean.  He made sure we understood what was going on at each step and helped us work through a difficult process that was complicated by estate closing issues with the home we were buying.  He was very patient as we looked at a number of homes in different areas of town.  We started out with a different idea of where we wanted to live and helped us through our change in direction.  We wound up in a great location in the Black Mountain area.  He and Mike also helped us find craftsmen to do some needed rehab work on the house before we moved in.  We highly recommend T&M Realty and Sean Mack!"


"Once again, Mike Miller was more than patient and thorough from beginning to end on this property. I recommend him whenever I get the chance!!" ~ Katie K.


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