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Local music hits the big screen at Music Video Asheville



4/15/2011 - Local music hits the big screen at Music Video Asheville
by Dane Smith


Live music is a big part of life in Asheville. With so much talent developing in the region, we have a great selection of original artists becoming recognized. Many are expanding to become national and international artists, bringing evermore attention to Asheville and its artistic culture. - Ben Falcon


Local music hit the big screen last night as HATCH Festival kicked off with Music Video Asheville, a screening of "conceptual music video, live performance video and experimental or documentary-style film" at The Fine Arts Theatre.


More than 20 submissions were featured, including videos from Mad Tea Party, Chompin' at the Bit, Jenny Greer, Ten Cent Poetry, Brian McGee and more (view them all here).


Recent Los Angeles transplant Ben Lovett was undoubtedly the most prolific participant with three high-budget submissions, including the CGI-heavy "Eye of the Storm" and "Heartattack," which was filmed at Echo Mountain and features a host of familiar local faces. Prior to intermission, the composer, producer and songwriter, who was the event's featured artist, took the stage for a brief Q&A, offering attendees a glimpse into the motivation and mechanics behind undertaking such ambitious projects (Lovett revealed that post-production for "Eye of the Storm" consumed an entire year).


And while everyone was celebrated, all films are not created equal. Following the screening, various awards were presented, including a Crowd Favorite, Judges Choice and Honorable Mention. Here's a list of the winners:


Kovacs and the Polar Bear, "Skeleton Crew" - Best of MVA Judges Choice Award and Crowd Favorite







Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, "Chase the Rain" - Best of MVA Judges Choice Award Runner-up


Jonathan Scales, "Muddy Vishnu" - Crowd Favorite Runner-up


Jar-e, "Plot" - Honorable Mention


stephaniesid, "Documentary" - Honorable Mention


Juan Holladay, "Seal It Tight" - Honorable Mention

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