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Town and Mountain forms Eco Partnership



6/28/2007 - Town and Mountain forms Eco Partnership

ASHEVILLE - Town and Mountain Realty is holding an anniversary dinner Friday with an environmental twist.

"Just because we sell houses doesn't mean we're not very concerned about what happens to our mountains and farmlands," said agency owner Mike Miller.

The event from 6 to 9 p.m. at 12 Bones Smokehouse will celebrate Town and Mountain's fifth anniversary and its partnership with local conservation organization Blue Ridge Forever, Miller said

All of Town and Mountain's agents have signed an agreement with Blue Ridge Forever saying each time they close a deal with a client for the next five years, they'll give them a membership with their local land trust.

Blue Ridge Forever is a coalition of 13 conversation organizations across WNC hoping to protect 50,000 acres from development by 2010, said its campaign director, Phyllis Stiles.

"Town and Mountain is kicking off something that will go all across the region," Stiles said. "This event serves as a statement that real estate agents do care about conservation."

Stiles contacted Miller and his wife and co-owner, Joy Lovoy, who agreed to buy clients land trust memberships and approached their agents about making the same commitment.

"We are a very eco-conscious group. There wasn't one agent that wasn't 100 percent for it," Miller said.

About 20 other real estate firms across WNC have followed Town and Mountain's lead, and made similar commitments to Blue Ridge Forever and its partner organizations.

"We are very aware that Asheville is a desirable place to live, and there has to be enough housing," Miller said. "But ... if there is anything we can do to conserve the beautiful land in WNC, the more we can do the better. It makes a better place for all of us to live."


published June 28, 2007 12:15 am

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